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About us

Alaska Hydro Wash is your certified Softwash Systems provider.

We are a locally owned and operated roof and exterior cleaning company servicing Anchorage and the surrounding area including Wasilla, Palmer, Eagle River, and Girdwood.

We're dedicated to providing a safe and environmentally friendly solution to all your residential and commercial exterior cleaning needs. All our detergents are biodegradable, and our Softwash method uses a lot less water than normal high pressure washing.


alaska hydro wash

CONTACT US 907-331-8434

what is softwash?

What is Softwash Systems? Softwash Sytems is an environmentally friendly method of exterior cleaning that utilizes a stream of low pressure water, mixed with biodegradable detergents to safely clean and disinfect any surface.


Pressure/Power washing only blasts away surface debris and doesn't get rid of the algae, mold, bacteria, moss, and mildew that resides deep inside exterior surfaces. Our equipment and chemicals are made to deal with these issues. Our method can last up four to six times longer then just power washing alone.

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