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Alaska Hydro Wash Provides a Wide Range of Cleaning Services Including:

  • Shingle, Cedar, Tile, Slate, Shake or Metal roofs

  • Wood, Vinyl, Stucco or Hardi Sidings

  • Composites, Wood or Vinyl Decks and Fences

  • Driveways, Sidewalks, Pavers, Porches, Pool Decks, Gutters, Awnings, Signs

  • Single Family, Townhomes, Apartments, Commercial


what is softwash?

What is Softwash Systems? Softwash Sytems is an environmentally friendly method of exterior cleaning that utilizes a stream of low pressure water, mixed with biodegradable detergents to safely clean and disinfect any surface. Learn More.

roof cleaning

Alaska Hydro Wash uses low pressure soft washing to clean your roof. Our certified cleaners use commercial grade and biodegradable detergents to clean your roof that will help kill moss, mildew, and rid your roof of unsightly stains.

exterior cleaning

Whether it's your home or business we can help give it a complete makeover. Low pressure soft washing will clean your exterior without damaging the surface. Our eco-friendly detergents will remove dirt, grime, moss, cobwebs, and pollen from your home or business.

gutter cleaning

Gutters can get clogged by leaves, dirt, moss, and debris. Clogged gutters can stop or slow the drainage from your roof and cause undetected damage. Cleaning your gutters increases curb appeal and makes your property more attractive. Cleaning your gutters is also a very important preventative and maintenance practice and should be done at least once a year.

moss removal

Avoid permanent damage to your roof or property by removing and treating harmful moss. Our trained technicians can help you maintain the health and appearance of your property.

siding & driveway washing

The most economical way to give the exterior of your property a makeover is to give it a good wash. Our Softwash System works great on all siding material and driveway finishes. Our low pressure method, and eco-friendly detergent easily eliminates stains while keeping your siding and driveway free of damage from traditional high pressure washing.

window cleaning

Enjoy your view at home or your commercial property. We use the latest methods and technology to clean both sides of your windows. Restore those beautiful views of Alaska instantly!

deck & fence cleaning

Restore your deck and fence to their natural beauty. Too much pressure can damage wood and composite surfaces so it's important to use a method that can clean your deck and fence without causing harm to your investment. Even though we use a pressure washer we use it at extremely low levels and let our eco-friendly detergents do the work. For more information, Contact us today.

Exterior Cleanin
Roof Cleanin
Gutter Cleaning
Moss Removal
Siding and Driveway
Window Cleaning
Deck and Fence

alaska hydro wash

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